Our Mission, Vision, and Motto

Our Mission: To glorify God as a community of believers, empowered to develop mature disciples, and serve others through dependence on the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

Our Vision: To be an authentic community of believers with a deep love for God, who live surrendered and transformed lives by God's love, sacrificially and passionately fulfilling Christ's mission for God's glory.

Our Motto: Knowing, Growing, Showing

: We exist to know God (John 17:3).  That's our purpose!  Not only that, our hearts desire is that we would know one another, our spiritual family, on a deep level.

Growing: Once we know God, our goal should be to know Him better.  And, as we know Him better, we should become more and more like Him.  This is growth - becoming more and more like Jesus.

Showing: Like a more mature tree produces fruit, we as more mature followers of Jesus should "bear fruit," should show that we know God, and are becoming more and more like Him.  Fruit is obeying the commands of God, and leaving the results in God's very capable hands.