Our Mission: To glorify God as a community of believers, empowered to develop mature disciples and serve others, through dependence on the Holy Spirit and the bible.

Our Values:

  1. Dependence on God Matters: We depend on God for ourselves and others. Without Him we can do nothing. We express our dependency through prayer, trust, and Spirit filled living.
  2. Relationships Matter: We value loving people just as Jesus did. Life transformation takes place through respectful, compassionate, accepting relationships, not just the imparting of information. Therefore, everything we do is done from a relational grace-filled core.
  3. Discipleship Matters: We value discipleship that results in passionate lovers of Christ empowered for ministry – lives that are transformed by God’s Holy Spirit.
  4. The Bible Matters: We value God’s truth as the foundation of our lives. Therefore we give ourselves to the teaching of the scriptures and making disciples who clearly understand and follow His word.
  5. Worship Matters: We value worship as a lifestyle where we experience God’s nearness, enjoy and wrestle with His presence and offer Him not only our music, but our lives.
  6. Fun & Fellowship Matters: We value enjoying God and each other. Food, laughter and hospitality are marks of the Kingdom of God.
  7. Teamwork Matters: We value doing God’s work together. This means we are willing to submit to our leaders and give our best in living out our common cause of reaching people for Jesus.
  8. Servant-hood Matters: We value service that flows from mercy and compassion. Such service expresses itself in generosity and sacrifice for others as demonstrated by Jesus.

Our Vision:

To be an authentic community of believers with a deep love for God who live surrendered and transformed lives by God’s love, sacrificially & passionately fulfilling Christ’s mission for God’s glory.